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Lang Banks – director, WWF Scotland:

I’m one of those lucky people that gets paid to do their hobby, and I’ve been even luckier to have been able to do so for over a decade now. Although I’m a biologist, I’ve spent most of my working career on communications and campaigns.

My interest in environmental issues probably stems from long walks as a child along the beaches of Ayrshire and the Argyll countryside. The lively political discussions around my parents’ dinner table most evenings probably helped too.

Although I head WWF Scotland, I regularly work on issues right across the UK, Europe and even globally. I especially enjoy working with colleagues from around the world and attempting to maximise the collective power and impact of the Panda.

A self-confessed news junkie, I love nothing more than wading through piles of newspapers every day. I like beer and keep chickens.

You’ll probably see me blogging and tweeting about things in the news, campaigns and international events. You might even see me blog and tweet about my chooks.

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