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Insulation being put into a refurbished house wall.

New housing energy plans are a wasted opportunity

The recent announcement by Welsh housing minister Carl Sargeant that the Welsh government is watering down plans for better insulated, more energy-efficient new homes is bad news for householders and for the environment. In a major change of tack, the minister said that new building regulations in Wales would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 8% […]

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Temperatures in Greenland have risen by about 5C in the last 60 years due to human-induced climate change, causing melting at unprecedented rates. Greenland's ice alone contains enough water to raise global sea levels by nine metres. © Global Warming Images / WWF-Canon

Cool heads needed in a warming climate

A climate milestone, highest in human history, a ‘mayday’ call by the planet. However it’s portrayed, it’s a disheartening fact that on 9 May the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Earth’s atmosphere, as measured by an observatory in Hawaii, topped the symbolically important level of 400 parts per million (400ppm). So what’s the […]

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The Severn from the air

Clean energy, green jobs – a barrage of questions for Wales

This week the debate is really heating up around harnessing the enormous power of the Severn Estuary and the even bigger issues of clean energy and the green economy. Let’s start by looking at where we are with Severn tidal power. Today I’ll be representing WWF at a meeting in London between environmental groups and […]

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