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Five reasons why your business will be tackling water issues by 2020

People, economies and nature – they all depend on water. But by 2025, UNESCO predicts that water demands for two-thirds of the world’s population will exceed the available supply. In a world of increasingly severe water scarcity and pollution, it’s essential we improve how we manage freshwater resources right now. Businesses of every kind and […]

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Traditional boat, Ganges river, Kahalgoan, Bihar, India, 2001 © naturepl.com / Neil Lucas / WWF

What links the iconic River Ganges to the shoes on your feet?

If the shoes on your feet, the bridle on your horse or the wallet in your pocket comes from India, there’s a good chance it was produced in a tannery along the Ganges River. The problem is that these tannery clusters are causing an issue; they’re polluting the Ganges with heavy metals, process chemicals and […]

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Kathy and Liz being filmed by the river

In the River Nar

A couple of weeks ago I went with colleagues to Norfolk to meet up with ITV’s Countrywise to look at the work of the Norfolk Rivers Trust is doing to return a stretch of the River Nar to its natural state. I met up with – and then waded with – presenter Liz Bonnin. A […]

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