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  • Serenade

    Talk and help from Governments and politicians is one thing. I am not denying these things make a huge difference. However unless the mindset of the people who consume rhino horn, ivory, shark fins, tiger and bear parts, turtle eggs… and so on (the list is mind boggling and endless) is CHANGED nothing will deter people who profit from ignorance from continuing to poach to satisfy demand. This demand is mainly fuelled by Asiatic countries with China heading the list. Please try to impress on such peoples and their politicians that certain animal parts hold no miraculous cures and that one might as well be drinking water! This is the only real way forward. Ultimately we will get the planet we deserve and I hate to write this but I fear that in a century from now many, many species will be extinct…. Perhaps this is the only way some people will understand that the medicines they thought panaceas were in fact fool’s gold! Of course I support all the good work you do both in writing and as far as I am able financially but so much more is needed…. PLEASE ask the Chinese Government to ban imports of wildlife parts and to impose severe prison terms on those who flout the law.

  • Greg Smith

    Great news regarding Thailand’s proposed action to ban the ivory trade. I may be wrong but it appears to be me there is a correlation between the increase in illegal poaching and smuggling of items like ivory, Rhino Horn, Tiger body parts etc and the enhanced purchasing power, due to econmic boom times, of the cultures who consume these items. Unless the demand is reduced with the best intentions world governments will be hard pressed to end this lamentable, pathetic trade.

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