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Young boys fishing, Ganges, India World Water Week

Building better partnerships

At almost every session of World Water Week, we hear about the need for new partnerships dedicated to creating a more water-secure world. This call to action is almost always followed by the same question: How do we build better partnerships? The answer lies not in the business world, but in a much more personal […]

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Ranger Ramesh Thapa, Nepal World Ranger Day

On the front line in Bardia National Park

Ramesh Thapa has been a park ranger for 31 years, 22 of those he’s spent in Bardia National Park in Nepal. He’s seen a lot happen over that time, good and bad. As we celebrate World Ranger Day, I caught up with him to ask a few questions about his experiences. What was your motivation […]

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Delegates and WWF staff networking at the Getting Down to Business event © Hugh Mehta

Getting down to business with WWF

Last month, our Corporate Partnerships team hosted its first major partnership event ‘Getting down to business with WWF’. Held at The Living Planet Centre (our new eco-home in Woking), it was a great platform for our corporate partners and corporate friends to network with one another, be inspired by their partnerships and discuss some shared […]

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Our Money: Our Future

Is your pension destroying the planet and risking your long term savings? Investing in fossil fuels was considered a safe choice with minimal risk. But is this still the case? Climate change will affect the value of your pension. More floods, more severe weather, a warming world, and pressure on our food supply will affect […]

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Protesters at the Pebble Mine

Anglo American abandons Alaska’s Pebble Mine

Written by David Aplin and Ben Goldfarb David Aplin is Director of Education and Outreach, WWF-US Arctic Program. Ben was WWF-US Arctic Program Communications Intern. On 16th of September, Anglo American – a London-based mining company – withdrew from the Pebble Limited Partnership and walked away from their 50% interest in the proposed Pebble Mine, an […]

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Rainforest and wetland © Michel Roggo / WWF-Canon

Towards ecological undershoot and business resilience

Our overuse of natural resources to clothe, house, feed, transport and entertain us is escalating. And global carbon emissions continue to exceed the planet’s carbon sequestration capacity. The day in the year by which we use up our annual ecological budget arrives ever earlier as the decades go by. ‘Earth Overshoot Day’ was estimated by […]

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Net positive disruption

With 400 parts per million (ppm) of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere, there’s new pressure to build a more positive economy. At the same time, two trends – the combination of digital natives directing new models of consumption and the do-it-yourself revolution – offer the perfect opportunity to disrupt and repair broken systems. Let’s start […]

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