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A thermal image of a house © Isaac Lane Koval 2009 climate change

Five years on: what progress is Scotland making on climate change?

Recently I attended an event at the Scottish Parliament where the UK Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) presented their most recent progress report of delivery under the Scottish Climate Change Act. Five years ago I would have been in the same building – and possibly the same room – my memory fails me, urging our [...]

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Indian elephant, Rapti river, Chitwan, Nepal. © naturepl.com/ Andrew Parkinson/ WWF-Canon Illegal Wildlife trade

If music be the food of love – sing ‘the elephant song’

As the campaign team of WWF Thailand, we are proud to be part of the global effort to combat the issue of wildlife trafficking – in particular the illegal ivory trade. The elephant is the national animal of Thailand and during the era of King Rama V, the elephant also was on Thailand’s national flag. [...]

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A fisherman gutting fish

Fishing reform and the new CFP – is the glass half full or half empty?

After four long years of campaigning by the public, businesses, fishermen and NGOs and the hard work of civil servants and politicians, the Basic Regulations of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) are now done and dusted. These are the main set of rules that will govern Europe’s fishing fleets in European waters and beyond for [...]

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Test drilling for shale gas in Lancashire.

Is shale gas the future for the UK?

Today the government released the long-awaited updated estimate of UK shale gas reserves and resources by the British Geological Survey. As expected estimates have been increased and suggest that UK shale gas resources are substantially higher than previously thought. While this might be welcomed as good news for some, all is not quite as it [...]

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Mauna Loa record, showing steady rise of CO2 concentrations since 1960 © Scripps Institution of Oceonography

Why ’400ppm’ is a number we should all care about

Over recent weeks, climate scientists and environmentalists have been carefully watching the output from a remote data collection point in Mauna Loa, Hawaii, which measures the volume of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. And now we’ve heard confirmation that levels have reached 400 parts per million – the highest since the Pliocene era which finished 3 million years ago.

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A fisherman gutting fish update

Celebrating a fish win – and how you all made this a success

It is always a pleasure to be able to share success – and today is a day where we are indeed celebrating a successful campaign. A few hours ago, the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee voted through crucial amendments to the Common Fisheries Policy reform package, giving the ‘thumbs up’ to ambitious reform. Why is this [...]

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