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Amazon river, Cuyabeno. © Camilo Ortega.

I haven’t been anywhere exciting lately- but I think I just helped save the Amazon

When you work in conservation, you find yourself using terms such as ‘stakeholder engagement’, ‘alliance building’, ‘networking’, and ‘negotiated trade-offs’ without much thought. They become part of your everyday lexicon. However, what all these phrases reveal – in their different ways – is that conservation is about bringing people and organisations together to find the [...]

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An FSC sawmill

Glasgow City council meets silver standard for timber

Glasgow City council achieved their silver pledge by using sustainable timber throughout a recent construction project with City Building (Glasgow) LLP. Heather Grassam, trainee planner from City Building, outlines the process they went through: “To meet the silver pledge commitment, Glasgow City council chose a City Building construction project where we could use sustainable timber [...]

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Sumatran tiger

Asia Pulp and Paper – turning a corner or more of the same?

Indonesia has the second largest natural tropical forests on the planet and these have endured continual threats from illegal logging and unsustainable practices for decades.  WWF and many other local and international groups are working to turn these problems around to ensure ‘High Conservation Value Forests’ are left standing. It would be great to think [...]

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Pair of white-shouldered ibis From the field

Cambodia diary 22: the ibis – not much of a looker, but a vital story to tell…

To be honest there is nothing terribly endearing about white-shouldered ibises. The guide books struggle to make it sound appealing with its naked head, dark brownish plumage and dull red legs. Even its typical down-curved ibis bill is a dull grey. It has a small block of white where its neck joins its head and [...]

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Wheat field in Devon Here in the UK

Green Food Project: a smorgasbord of reheated ideas?

DEFRA’s Green Food Project (GFP), launched today, states it’s the start of a process that hopes to steer the UK food system to a sustainable future, where it remains a world leader in producing high-quality food. Food that contributes to a healthy population and conserves the natural environment. We completely agree with those aims, but [...]

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