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Businessman with green footprints debate

Decarbonising Britain debate

On Tuesday this week we convened a panel of industry leaders to debate the economic case for a low carbon UK economy. The event, titled ‘Decarbonising Britain’, saw representatives from major businesses Kingfisher plc, Aviva and DONG Energy discussing the economic argument for a low carbon UK with speakers from the Manufacturers Organisation for UK […]

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Temperatures in Greenland have risen by about 5C in the last 60 years due to human-induced climate change, causing melting at unprecedented rates. Greenland's ice alone contains enough water to raise global sea levels by nine metres. © Global Warming Images / WWF-Canon climate change

Climate change is real.

Scientists and world governments have spoken: climate change is unequivocal, its risks are real and our impact is clearer than ever. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report launched last Friday is quite simply the most authoritative and comprehensive review of climate science available. It’s been prepared by over 800 scientists, cites over […]

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DECC presentation showing renewable energy investment and jobs created Here in the UK

Green economy in action – renewables jobs and investment across the UK

We hear a lot about ‘green jobs’ but it can be hard to pin down what that actually means and how many there are. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has helpfully published this graphic which gives a snapshot of investment and jobs announced in the growing renewable energy sector from April last […]

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Green is working – is government listening?

This morning hundreds of people in green hard hats gathered in central London. Under the banner of Stop Climate Chaos, organisations as diverse as the Women’s Institute, faith groups, Oxfam, TearFund, renewable energy companies, trade unions and charities including WWF called on the government to do one thing: boost our economy and international leadership by […]

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