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The irrigation channel coming from Jajmau sewage and effluent treatment plant © Conor Linstead / WWF-UK Indian Rivers Week

A tale of two cities: water woes….but reasons for hope

WWF-UK’s Freshwater Specialist, Conor Linstead tells his account of the water issues being faced and solutions being taken by us in Kanpur and Lahore from his recent visit to India. The idea that businesses are at growing risk from water problems, and not just having an impact on water, is a relatively new idea but […]

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David Nussbaum © Greg Armfield / WWF-UK Latest from Rio

Rio+20 – How (not) to run a planet?

I went to Rio in the spirit of both determination and hope. While all of us were aware of the difficult international politics, exacerbated by global financial crises and the increasing human demands on natural resources, Rio+20 was a moment of opportunity. As Jim Leape, director general of WWF, put it: “A conference about life: […]

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Burning oil-gas by the SAKHALINNEFTEGAZ state company © Vladimir Filonov / WWF-Canon

Why we hate fossil fuel subsidies and how you can help end them

If there’s one thing that makes me genuinely angry, to the extent that I struggle to understand the world we live in, it’s that we still pump billions and billions of dollars into propping up the fossil fuel industry. Fossil fuel subsidies can take many different forms but, put simply, they include any government action […]

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Rio+20 conference logo

Rio+20: what do we want it to achieve on sustainable development?

So, that big UN conference on Sustainable Development you’ve heard so much about, Rio+20… What exactly do we expect to come out of it, you might wonder? A very good question, glad you asked. One of the most concrete proposals getting wide political support from around the world is for a set of ‘sustainable development […]

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WWF projects encourage sustainable livestyles in Tanzania © Brent Stirton / Getty Images / WWF-UK

Beyond 2015 – what’s the future for development and the environment?

I’m still reflecting on what came out of the recent ‘Beyond 2015′ conference. It’s time for us to be brave and start looking beyond aid, looking beyond development. This means moving away from simply giving money and towards understanding the complicated systems that shape the world. The post-2015 development agenda will be ambitious. We know we can’t […]

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