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Kenya Wildlife Service staff Size of Wales

Introducing John Bett and WWF’s Boni-Dodori Coastal Forest project in Kenya

Welcome to my first blog. My name is John Bett and through this blog I want to regularly share insights into our work and the wonders of our coastal forests here in Lamu and Garissa Counties in north-east Kenya, supported through Size of Wales. I head up a small team for WWF working with local communities [...]

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A presentation at Gazi Bay mangrove plantation gallery

How a community in Kenya is selling carbon credits to save its local forests

It’s good to update you again on a busy couple of months here in Kwale, Kenya and the work we do which is supported through Size of Wales. I was recently at the launch of some brilliant work, supported by WWF, which is going to benefit local people and wildlife, as well as helping the world [...]

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A grey seal swims in the sea beneath some cliffs

Don’t hold your breath!

Can you remember as a child being so excited about something that you found yourself holding your breath? Well I feel like I’ve been holding my breath every day for weeks now, as we wait to hear the government’s announcement of new marine protected areas – so-called Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) – to protect some [...]

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