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Fish market, Mafia Island, Tanzania. Copyright: David Tanner WWF-UK

Marine conservation and addressing local poverty in southern Tanzania

One of the things people sometimes don’t realise about the work that WWF carries out around the world is that often it is not related to working directly with wildlife or working in ‘nature reserves’. This is particularly true in East Africa where local people’s ongoing reliance on nature and its products (fruit, fish, timber [...]

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Cacao tree (Theobroma) in a plantation. Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea. I Love Amazon Week

Ten products and ingredients that come from the Amazon.

The Amazon is much more than simply a beautiful, far-off tropical rainforest. It’s also a source of everyday items we rely on. Do you recognise these familiar products and ingredients? 1) CHOCOLATE Did you know that your favourite chocolate originates from the cacao plant? This grows wild in Central and South America and cultivating it [...]

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Atlantic mackerel on processing line at the Shetland Catch fish factory

The times they are a changin’ – next steps for UK fisheries

The last couple of weeks have been busy ones as is always the case in the world of fisheries during September.  Holidays are over, fisheries negotiations are underway and the countdown to the year end has begun.  Looming large in people’s minds is the question of how we are going to implement the new Common Fisheries Policy [...]

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Members of the Puerto Estrella community From the field

Celebrating great news from Peru

This month, after 15 years of anticipation, the Peruvian government has finally created Güeppí Sekime National Park and two communal reserves, Airo Pai and Huimeki. This is a massive conservation win – not just for WWF-Peru and the government department for protected areas (SERNANP), but for the Putumayo river basin and, most importantly, the 30 [...]

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