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An aerial view of the Pantanal Donana

Why worry about wetlands?

Today is World Wetlands Day, commemorating the signing of the Ramsar Convention for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands in 1971. More importantly, it’s a day to celebrate the amazing diversity and value of wetlands around the globe. As the name suggests, wetlands are water-rich areas that are flooded either permanently or seasonally. The […]

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World Wetlands Day

Five stories from our world’s wetlands

Happy World Wetlands Day! Our wetlands are essential for life, they’re home to a variety of wildlife, help prevent flooding, store carbon dioxide to regulate climate change and protect our coastlines. But did you know that more than a billion people make a living from wetlands across the world?  Wetlands provide livelihoods, from fishing and […]

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Pantanal Pact – 20 down, 5 to go!

A week celebrating the environment finishes on a massive high in Brazil with the news that 20 mayors signed up to the Pantanal Pact. Along with these commitments, WWF, the Mato Grosso state government and six other institutions also signed on the dotted line. Not bad going for an event that wasn’t even on our […]

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International Women's Day

Is there hope for a River full of waste?

This International Women’s Day, meet Dr. Seema Mahendra- a loving mother, a valued professor and a feisty Ramganga Mitra from Uttar Pradesh, India, who continues to fight her battle to bring life back to her long lost river. Even with exams at University, working long hours and being layered with social commitments, nothing has ever […]

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Houses of Parliament © Treye Rice / Flickr

Politicians can deliver a Greener Britain

With the next UK General Election just eight months away, now is the time for political parties to set out their ambitions for the environment during the next Parliament. Today, along with nine other leading environmental groups, we’re launching Greener Britain, our blueprint for a greener, fairer, better Britain in a more sustainable world. The […]

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Kathy in the River Nar with Rupert

On the river flows

Recently I drove the WWF Prius up to the River Nar in Norfolk to meet ITV’s Countrywise team to discuss the state of our nation’s chalk streams, and what we can do to help them. Roughly 85% of the 200-odd chalk streams in the world are situated in England. Formed over millennia their clear chalk […]

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