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Postcards from Paris: A diary from the UN climate talks (DAYS 7&8)



I’m in Paris for the UN climate talks, which run from 30 November to 11 December 2015. I’ll be regularly tweeting and blogging. If you find this blog interesting please feel to share it.


DAYS 7&8 (Sunday 6 December & Monday 7 December 2015)

We’re now in the final week. Politicians now take over the reins.

In their hands the politicians now hold a draft agreement that still contains text that still has the ability to deliver either a weak or a strong outcome. The problem is, which path politicians will choose to walk down.

Which path with countries take on climate action? (Lang Banks)Which path with countries take on climate action? (Lang Banks)

Will they live up to the powerful mandate given to them by 150 heads of state at the start of week one? Or will political expediency once again get in the way of delivering a strong, fair and transformative outcome?

This week my fellow WWF colleagues and I will be fighting here in Paris to retain our core priorities in the agreement text, especially in the areas of loss and damage and finance.

However, the thing that keeps me awake at night is the fear of possibly leaving Paris with an agreement that doesn’t convince me that national governments will strengthen their pledges over time. If we are serious about keeping global temperature rises well below 2 degrees, then the final agreement must allow for a review of national actions currently on the table as well as ways of enhancing those actions.

It seems clear to me that we’re going to have a deal at the end of the week. But it’s the actual content of that deal that is critical.

We need action on climate, not hot air. (Lang Banks)We need action on climate, not hot air. (Lang Banks)

We’re only a few days away from the deadline set by the French COP President for the delivery of the final agreement text. The politicians now have to knuckle down and work to ensure that we have a strong outcome.

For the sake of people and nature, I sincerely hope that’s what they will do.

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