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Masai Mara rhino update: Day 1 – Pilaso and calf


Daily update from the Masai Mara: Pilaso the black rhino and calf

Rotiken Denis, Masai Mara Rhino Monitoring Tea © Greg  Armfield / WWF-UK

Rotiken Denis is the rhino warden for the Masai Mara Rhino Monitoring Team. He is a Masai with a background in wildlife management; joining the rhino monitoring team some years ago, he has risen through the ranks to head up the team.

Since he took control of operations Rotiken has not lost a single rhino. His team have all undergone paramilitary training to equip them for this role.

Here is the first of his daily updates from these patrols, logging every rhino sighting.

Rhinos: Pilaso and calf.

Sighting: The two rhinos were sighted resting. They woke up and trotted away after they felt our presence.

Details: The two rhinos are not notched but they can be identified quickly by the shape of the horn. The two have established a permanent territory for some time.

About the patrol: Cloudy weather.

Pilaso, the black rhino © Masai Mara Monitoring Team / WWF-UK ID sheet for Plaso’s calf © Masai Mara Monitoring Team / WWF-UK

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