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Sir David Attenborough – a thank-you from WWF


For 60 years, perhaps more than anyone else on this planet today, David Attenborough has brought alive how important it is to protect a whole range of species and places – and has shown us the beauty and complexity of the amazing world we live in, and the absolutely critical relationship between its continued well-being and our own.

To celebrate his magnificent career in British broadcasting, we’ve put together this short video tribute.

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  • Marion

    Brilliant! David Attenborough also inspired me and I loved his films and books. I became a teacher passionate about teaching children to care for their world and all the creatures that share it with us. Thank you Sir David!

  • awdsfgh

    David Attenborough is an huge inspiration to everyone and one of the main reasons that I now want to pursue a career working with animals!!!

  • Jon

    ~An awesome man who taught me to love and respect the world and its creatures

  • Elizabeth

    His life’s work, incomparable narrative and film are responsible for enlightening humans that animals are social, harmless beings who have as much right on this planet as us.

    Sadly not everyone has understood and human greed still prevails but David Attenborough could not have done more to champion the natural environment and show we need to preserve the delicate balance of nature.

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