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Beverly WilsonHiya, I’m Beverley Wilson and I work in the trading and merchandise team.

Some people don’t fully understand why we raise funds by selling stuff. It goes against a ‘true’ environmentalist’s ethos doesn’t it? It’s all very well being altruistic but the way I look at it you’ve got to be realistic too. I think there is room for both but the difference is the way you go about it. We are all humans with needs and desires. Bridging the gap between being and living a greener lifestyle is hard.

I’ve been in retail practically all my life in one form or another. I understand what drives people to buy certain things. Before joining WWF nearly 12 years ago, I had a need to give something back to the planet; the take-take-take attitude needs to be balanced. We are all stewards of this earth and as such should take care of it.

What I love about my job is that I can take our environmental criteria into the heart of retail commerce and make a difference. This means we can change the way companies think, make and sell their products for the better. It gives the customer a different, more sustainable product that also meets their needs and desires.

I will hopefully be able to explain this more fully with my posts about the kinds of products you can find on our shop and out on the high street, all raising awareness for WWF and the kind of products that give consumers more choice.

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