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Cath Lawson's biography

Cath LawsonHello, my name is Cath and I work for WWF-UK as a Regional Officer for East Africa.

Through my blog posts I hope to share with you some of the diverse and dynamic work that we are undertaking in East Africa as well as my passion for the region.

After studying Biological Anthropology and then Primate Conservation at University (and spending a few months hanging out with a troop of chacma baboons), I went to work for a horseback safari company in South Africa and this cemented my love for the continent.

Having since worked for the Zoological Society of London and Save the Rhino International on species focused conservation projects and capacity building initiatives, I was lucky enough to join WWF-UK in 2013 and I now manage a portfolio of projects in East Africa.

My latest posts

Virunga National Park: my mountain gorilla hat-trick

When I’m not wearing my glasses, my eyesight is truly shocking. First thing in the morning this is copeable with (some might argue favourable…), but when I need to see things that matter I unquestionably need my glasses. On the list of ‘things that matter’, seeing mountain gorillas in the wild is right up there, […]

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