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Cherry Duggan's biography

Cherry Duggan – schools and youth team:

I love green. When I was a child, I spent hours – literally – in a big tree in my parents’ garden. I’m rubbish at climbing them now(!), but I still gravitate towards them so I can stare up through the leaves. And in the spring, woodlands are places of miracles – wood anemones with faces searching for the sun, bluebells misting the ground, Solomon’s seal defying gravity with their long arching stems. Every season has its moment…

I feel passionately that the opportunity of ‘just being’ outside in nature, of connecting with this ‘thing’ we call the environment, is the right of every child. And I believe that us grown-ups have a responsibility to help children explore the nature around them, to find out about environments far away, to understand and embrace the need to care about and for it all.

That’s why heading up the Schools & Youth team at WWF-UK feels so important and such a privilege. Talking to children taking part in our Green Ambassador scheme by leading sustainability action in their schools, seeing the nature-inspired creations of youngsters who have participated in of our art projects, reading the messages of school children taking on the Prime Minister on climate change – these are all humbling and inspiring experiences, and part of what’s kept me here at WWF for most of my working life.

One 13 year old participant in a WWF photography competition said that “every single thing [in nature] can be beautiful…you just need to look at it with the right eyes.” I’d add that you also need to look after it – and both these things are exactly what our work with children is all about.

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