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Dr Mark Wright's biography

Mark Wright bio picDr Mark Wright, WWF-Cambodia:

I grew up with Gerald Durrell books and David Attenborough films – enormous influences on me. They opened my eyes to a world I’d never seen, but wanted to see. And I want that world to continue. Even though I’ve never seen a blue whale, or a wild polar bear or tiger, I want to know that they continue to exist somewhere, and that someone can see them.

Before joining WWF-UK as conservation science advisor in 2002, I spent eight years overseas in Tanzania, Togo and Belize on behalf of the British government or other NGOs, mainly working with small-scale farmers. I oversaw the southern Africa programmes for Save the Children during a time of civil war, food crisis, floods and political upheavals. And I managed to get a PhD in insect ecology too.

Right now I’m WWF-Cambodia’s ‘Eastern Plains Landscape manager’. My blog posts are about the day-to-day realities of life and work in the field – heading a 70-strong team as we help protect one of the largest forest blocks in South-east Asia from increasing threats like illegal logging, poaching and land-grabbing.

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