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Duncan MizenHaving grown up in the countryside and spending some of that time on a farm, I have a real appreciation for nature and how we interact with it. Working for five years in the Digital Media team at Guide Dogs gave me the opportunity to not only understand how blind or partially sighted people interact with the world online, but how their able to work as a team with their own guide dog and benefit from them in being more independent.

As the blog administrator at WWF-UK , I am here to build on my expertise in digital to reach a wider audience in understanding how we, as humans, should be interacting with nature.

My latest posts

Fingers on a keyboard © Kirsty Robertson / Flickr

How to improve your websites accessibility

Accessibility. Close your eyes and try typing it on your keyboard. Difficult isn’t it. Do you know how to spell it? How many C’s? How many S’s? Are we all seeing double here? Consider this. 2 million people in the UK may not even see it at all. Why? Because this is the number of […]

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