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Glyn Davies's biography

Glyn Davies, director of conservation:

Glyn Davies, director of conservation

My childhood inspirations were the sounds, sights and smells of summer – butterflies, bee orchids and dust from haymaking.

By the time I got to university I was committed to studying zoology, despite my careers master pointing out: “Well Glyn, not many people study zoology”. At that time (this was 1976!) we were the only student flat recycling newspaper – and we did it for our whole street in Bristol.

After graduation I was inspired by rainforests and the aboriginal peoples who lived there. They showed me much of what I now know about forest ecology.

I’ve lived in Malaysia, Sierra Leone, Kenya, and Cameroon – working in the field on forest management as well as doing research and policy development, and have published papers and books on various related topics. My focus is often on looking for effective approaches to conservation that bring together government, business, science and the wider community.

I’ll be blogging on some, all, or more than these issues…

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