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Greg Armfield – photo and film team

Greg Armfield – photo and film team:

Like many of my colleagues here I grew up fascinated by the natural world. From an early age I’ve also been equally obsessed with capturing its many marvels on film. I never found growing up in an urban environment (in south London) a major hindrance to my passion – it just meant I had to search that bit harder. And the rewards, when they came, meant that much more.

Although I studied history at Aberystwyth University, photography and nature have always been my real passions – and after two years spent travelling around the world I decided to try to make them my profession. Now 12 years on, I’m in my dream job at WWF-UK, managing our imagery and video, helping spread the message about the need to protect our beautiful, precious planet.

As for my blog posts – I’m not big on words, so expect imagery and video to dominate. You can’t ask for more!

My latest posts

Blue Shark © Paul Colley, winner of the Coastal and Marine category, BWPA 2015 gallery

Winning images: A Q&A with photographer Paul Colley

“Extraordinary” – that’s how many have described the work of Paul Colley, freelance professional photo journalist, diver, and winner of British Wildlife Photography Awards ‘Coastal and Marine’ category 2015. I interviewed Paul to find out what makes him tick….or should I say click. Congratulations on your photo ‘Beautiful blues’ winning the WWF-sponsored ‘Coast and Marine’ […]

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WWF Global Ambassador Andy Murray meets the next generation of Metropolitan Police Service sniffer dogs at The Championships, Wimbledon © Greg Armfield / WWF-UK Illegal Wildlife trade

Andy Murray champions the fight against illegal wildlife trade

We’re thrilled that tennis pro and WWF Global Ambassador Andy Murray is championing our work to stop the illegal trade in wildlife. And we’re delighted he took time out from his training to talk about his support of our work. Here’s what Andy had to say… “I was shocked to hear that the illegal wildlife […]

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A rhino lies sedated, being cared for by rangers, ready for it's notching and microchipping Illegal Wildlife trade

Rhinos lend an ear in the fight against illegal wildlife trade

After a long flight, with my traditional seating position of legs around my head – did I mention before I’m tall? – I finally arrived in Nairobi. One thing certainly never changes in Nairobi – traffic. It always surprises me that anyone actually ever makes it to their destination, but make it they do. Cars […]

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