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Helen McLachlan's biography

Helen McLachlan – Fisheries team

I’m a member of WWF-UKs marine team and work alongside colleagues to deliver our work on Europe’s fisheries. We want fishing fleets to be sustainable both in European waters and beyond.

I grew up in rural Scotland by the water and have always lived by the sea (with the exception of my London years) and some slightly more brackish waters during my Stockholm years. I studied zoology, fisheries and marine environmental impact assessment to Masters level. When I graduated I knew that I’d like to work with something that would improve the way that we treat our seas.

As an organisation, we want Europe’s fisheries to be managed for future fish stocks, the people that rely on them and the wider marine environment. We want to see best practices from the UK adopted around the world. There’s a lot of work to be done but we are optimistic of securing sustainable fisheries – working alongside our network of European offices across our campaigns, advocacy and corporate stewardship teams as well as with external partners.

My latest posts

Red Gurnard © Naturepl.com/Toby Roxburgh/WWF

Fisheries: Seeing is believing

Boy, the Americans really know how to bake a good bran muffin.  This was one of the small discoveries I made while attending a conference recently in San Diego, California. The conference in question was the 8th International Fisheries Observer and Monitoring Conference (IFOMC) and is the only conference series of its kind which looks at […]

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Buyers standing around crates of freshly caught fish at Newlyn Harbour fish auction, Cornwal © naturepl.com / Toby Roxburgh / WWF-Canon

Fish, Cameras, Action!

In the pursuit of sustainable fisheries management, throwing away perfectly healthy fish is never a good idea. That’s why we were pleased this week to officially launch a new WWF report ‘Remote Electronic Monitoring in Fisheries Management’ which presents a technological solution we believe is necessary for the successful implementation of Europe’s new fish ‘discard ban’. […]

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Atlantic mackerel on processing line at the Shetland Catch fish factory

The times they are a changin’ – next steps for UK fisheries

The last couple of weeks have been busy ones as is always the case in the world of fisheries during September.  Holidays are over, fisheries negotiations are underway and the countdown to the year end has begun.  Looming large in people’s minds is the question of how we are going to implement the new Common Fisheries Policy […]

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