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James Horne, forests team

James Horne – forests team:

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of watching those amazing nature documentaries with David Attenborough. I remember being totally captivated by the utter beauty of the natural world, and even from that young age I wanted to spend my life trying to preserve this for future generations to enjoy.

Before working for WWF I worked as a film extra for a few years after graduating from Reading University with an honours degree in Biological science, specialising in ecology and zoology.

For the past few years I’ve been working as a coordinator for a flagship WWF programme, the Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN-UK), which aims to improve the management of the world’s production forests by using the purchasing power and influence of UK businesses.

Right now I’m heading up a campaign encouraging UK councils to sign a sustainable timber pledge, and I’ll be blogging about that campaign, amongst other things.

My latest posts

An FSC sawmill

Cornwall council gets silver for sustainable timber

Cornwall council recently earned their WWF silver pledge by monitoring three of their key sustainable timber projects. David Morgan from Cornwall council outlines the process they went through… “We’ve purchased sustainable timber for most, if not all, of our projects for the last four years, since we became a unitary authority. For our silver pledge, […]

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An FSC sawmill

Glasgow City council meets silver standard for timber

Glasgow City council achieved their silver pledge by using sustainable timber throughout a recent construction project with City Building (Glasgow) LLP. Heather Grassam, trainee planner from City Building, outlines the process they went through: “To meet the silver pledge commitment, Glasgow City council chose a City Building construction project where we could use sustainable timber […]

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Felled FSC trees

Help your local councils help forests – your voice really counts

WWF’s local authority timber pledge campaign has now come to an end, but for the councils who have signed up to a sustainable timber pledge, the work has only just begun. The campaign has been extremely successful, with 96 local authorities making 130 sustainable timber pledges between them – that’s almost a quarter of all […]

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