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Jean Leston – transport team leader:

Jean Leston, transport team leader

I got passionately interested in climate change when I saw it first-hand, during the terrible European heatwave of 2003. I was working as a journalist at the time and shortly afterwards interviewed Sir John Houghton, one of the world’s foremost climate change experts, now a WWF ambassador. He told me that what I’d seen was definitely due to climate change. And what’s more, such high summer temperatures could happen every other year by mid-century if we do nothing to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, especially carbon dioxide.

Sir John’s words really inspired me to help tackle the biggest causes of climate change. That’s why I’m now part of WWF’s climate change team, where I specialise in transport, working on solutions for reducing emissions from transport – particularly from aviation, which is the UK’s fastest growing source of climate-changing CO2. (Our One in Five Challenge is already showing how reducing corporate flying is a win-win for business and the planet.)

People will always need to travel, but our aim is to make sure everyone makes low-carbon choices where possible, at a government, business and personal level. My blog posts will be covering all those areas.

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