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Jenny Banks bio picJenny Banks – climate & energy team:

It’s really important to me to have a job where I can make a positive difference. I first got interested in environmental issues while at university, and then worked in consultancy and then local government on energy efficiency, fuel poverty and small-scale renewable projects. I’ve also completed a Graduate Diploma in Economics from Birkbeck University in London.

As part of WWF’s energy and climate team, I work with government and industry to help make sure the UK moves away from fossil fuels towards a low-carbon power sector, which will be sustainable long-term and is vital for achieving the country’s emission-reduction targets. Energy from fossil fuels – like oil, coal and gas – makes a massive contribution to climate change, with drastic implications for people and the natural world.

I blog on various climate and energy-related issues, including coal, gas, the UK power sector and the economics of tackling climate change in the UK.

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BP out of touch on climate and clean energy technology

Yesterday BP published its 2035 Outlook for Energy, the company’s view of what the future of energy might look like. Once upon a time, oil companies liked to portray themselves as being at the cutting edge of science and technology. Today BP did the opposite, downplaying the seriousness of climate change, and dismissing fast-advancing clean […]

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Lumps of coal © Alexander G weak_hope

Don’t assume it’s curtains for electricity from coal

Burning coal is the biggest threat to tackling climate change. Our old coal power stations, relics from the 1960s and 70s, have served us well but their time is up. The next Government must take action to ensure they close by 2025 at the latest. Here’s a startling statistic for you. Keeping just one coal […]

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Drax power plant, Yorkshire © Global Warming Images / WWF-Canon

The Dirty 30: How coal is tainting the UK’s climate leadership

We environmentalists don’t often talk about what our politicians are doing well. It’s human nature to take these things for granted and concentrate on the areas where improvements are needed. Well here’s something… …In 2008, the UK government became the first country in the world to introduce a Climate Change Act. The current government has […]

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