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Kellie Rollings's biography

Kellie Rollings – media team:

I’d like to say that it was David Attenborough or Rachel Carson that first inspired my interest in nature – but I’d be lying. It was really King Louie from Disney’s ‘Jungle Book’ film that did it for me. I was six years old, and that boisterous cartoon orang-utan had me at the first ‘Oobeedoo’. It was only when I read Kipling’s novel later that I realised Louie isn’t actually in the book, as orang-utans are not native to India. And they don’t sing and dance.

But I’ve kept that passion for animals and the natural world – and now I get to read and write about them as part of my job in the media team here at WWF (where I’ve been for 12 years). My work liaising with journalists and broadcasters is still about bringing great stories to life – but unlike Disney’s ‘Jungle Book’, I make sure I get all the facts right!

As well as endangered species, I cover rivers and special projects like WWF’s Earth Hour and Pandamonium. My first blog post is about taking Dougie Poynter of McFly to Africa to see critically endangered mountain gorillas.

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