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Lyndsey DoddsLyndsey Dodds

Hello, I’m Lyndsey and I am the Head of UK & EU Marine Policy. I’ll be blogging about our wonderful seas and about the exciting work that we do to improve protection and management and ensure they are healthy and productive well into the future!

I’ve been with WWF since 2007, initially working on the delivery of new marine legislation in the UK – the Marine and Coastal Access Act, then managing the PISCES and Celtic Seas Partnership projects. In my current role I lead a team of 12 working on UK and EU marine policy in areas such as fisheries, protected areas, planning and stakeholder engagement. Before joining WWF I was researching deep-sea corals off the coasts of the UK for my PhD. I’m passionate about the marine environment and the ability to collaboratively find sustainable solutions that deliver benefits for people and nature.

My latest posts

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DEMAND RECYCLED: how Government can reduce virgin plastics and help tackle the pollution crisis.

I’m sure you’ve heard some of the shocking stats about the plastic pollution choking our oceans: 90% of seabirds have fragments of plastic in their stomach; one in two sea turtles have ingested plastic; an estimated 8 million tonnes are dumped in our oceans every single year. Thanks to awareness raising campaigns such as Sky […]

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What is climate change doing to our brilliant seas and marine wildlife?

I’ve been fascinated by the sea since I was a child. I remember standing on the shore as an eight-year old, wondering what lay beneath the dark and stormy waters. Living in Wales for the last nine years, I’ve been lucky enough to visit many of the best areas for marine wildlife spotting, including the […]

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