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Mxolisi SibandaMxolisi Sibanda

My name is Mxolisi Sibanda and I am a Regional Manager East Africa at WWF-UK. My role involves managing a portfolio of projects that we invest into in East Africa that include black rhinos, forest, marine and freshwater resources conservation in Kenya and Tanzania. Our work makes a difference for species, habitats, ecosystems and people living in these areas. All that makes me feel extremely lucky! I am an ecologist by training with degrees from Cambridge University and Wits University in South Africa and my first degree from University of Zimbabwe.

My latest posts

Ranger looking out © Robert Magori

6 reasons we’re on the lookout for black rhinos in Kenya

Black rhinos in African have suffered huge reductions in the past, mainly due to poaching. Listed as Critically Endangered under the IUCN Red List, there are currently about 5000 animals remaining in the wild (there were 65,000 in 1970).  As part of WWF-UK’s support work to raise numbers and improve security around the species – […]

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Butterfly exiting it's chrysalis. Copyright: @naturepl.com / Ingo Arndt / WWF-Canon

Making the most of exits

As part of our current (2014-2018) Strategy, WWF-UK has been exiting from about 16 projects, programmes and places around the world. This has allowed us to increase our focus and deliver more, while setting aside over £3 million to help build stronger offices in our four priority areas of the world (the Amazon, China, India […]

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