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Ray Dhirani, Head of Sustainable Finance

I have seen the light and been at WWF for 8 years, working mainly on ‘sustainable finance and corporate risk’. Basically we’re trying to encourage a more sustainable economy to flourish. Before this I spent eight years on the ‘dark side’, working in investment banking at Merrill Lynch in New York (no, I didn’t cause the financial crisis). Why the shift? Because I love learning, and that led me down this path. Also, change is the only real constant. My educational background includes an Economics degree from the University of Pennsylvania in the US and an MSc in Environment & Development from the LSE in the UK.

I’m driven to help protect the amazing world where we live, both for us and for future generations. This thought motivated me to work in finance but with a different focus, ambition, and scale. I was recently in South Africa for work and had the opportunity to go on safari for the first time. Besides the awesome beauty I saw, I realised how much we’ve yet to learn from the natural world. We need to fight to preserve it.

My main areas of focus at the moment (aside from generally trying to save the planet) are climate-credible investing, finance system change, and targeted policy work in the UK and globally. I’ll be blogging mainly about these and other issues related to global sustainable finance.

My latest posts

Graph showing climate impact on returns by sector © WWF-UK

Investing in a time of climate change

Opportunity. It’s a word that inspires. Rarely does one read about climate change though in this context. While we need to fully understand and appreciate the massive risks posed by climate change, this report also addresses the important opportunities afforded to forward-thinking investors. More than 10 years ago, we decided to decarbonise our WWF-UK investment […]

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Nico climate change


It starts early: with that very first miraculous smile. When my son was born 10 months ago now, I began to wonder when that first of many smiles will appear across his face. First it was unconscious… however, very soon that conscious smile conveyed so much: trust, security, learning and – perhaps most importantly – […]

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Our Money: Our Future

Is your pension destroying the planet and risking your long term savings? Investing in fossil fuels was considered a safe choice with minimal risk. But is this still the case? Climate change will affect the value of your pension. More floods, more severe weather, a warming world, and pressure on our food supply will affect […]

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