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Simon Lewis bio picSimon Lewis – Olympics team:

I run the small-but-perfectly-formed sports desk at Panda Towers, working tirelessly to make sport, and especially the London 2012 Olympics, more sustainable. Family Lewis eke out an eco-existence in Sussex-by-the-sea, chopping logs, growing spuds and trying to run a car on old chip fat.

My sporting highlight was (just about) seeing Usain Bolt run from the far top and back of the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing. And my lowlight was sinking in a rowing eight in the Thames. In November.

WWF have been working for years to reduce the impact of mega-sporting events around the world. In the UK we have been working since 2004 on the One Planet Olympics programme we created with London 2012.

My blog aims to give ‘behind the scenes’ views from those working to make sport and the Olympics more green.

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