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Jin Kai during training © Wayne Wu/TRAFFIC Illegal Wildlife trade

The great dog detectives

At the arrivals hall of China’s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, passengers are bustling as usual. Jin Kai is carrying out a routine inspection of passengers’ luggage. Although Jin Kai isn’t the typical airport security officer you’d expect… she’s a Labrador. Jin Kai is one of the first graduates from a detector dog training programme run […]

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Wind turbine at a wind farm, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.

Fourth Carbon Budget Review

Today, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) publishes a report on the Fourth Carbon Budget. The report will kick of a review of the Budget which is expected to see political infighting within the coalition government. Background: Under the Climate Change Act 2008, the UK is legally committed to reducing its emissions of greenhouse gases […]

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Two game guards with project and flagship species T-shirts

Nkuringo eco tourism benefits

Just four years ago, the town of Nkuringo had no teachers for its school during the rainy season because impassable roads made it difficult for them to travel and people relied only on thin tracts of land on the mountain side for their livelihoods. But since the habituation of groups of gorillas in the area, […]

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Two fishermen on the shore of lake Edward gallery

Living on Lake George

People who live on the shores of Lake George in Uganda earn a living from fishing and the communities also benefit from the profits from eco-tourism in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Wild herds of buffalo, antelope and elephants are big attractions and lodges and gift shops dotted around the park have created jobs for local […]

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Graeme Le Saux taking a penalty.

Football and fun for the Green Ambassadors, Panda – and Graeme Le Saux!

Watching a football game isn’t usually my idea of fun, especially over a bank holiday weekend. However there was something special about watching a football legend taking penalties alongside 20 of WWF’s Green Ambassadors with the Olympic stadium as the backdrop. Football and fun were the only criteria for Saturday morning. Bright and early, three […]

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EU Flags.

Emissions trading – would you like fries with your carbon?

Recently, the fight against climate change suffered a serious blow as MEPs in the European Parliament narrowly voted against a plan to shore up the EU’s struggling emissions trading scheme (ETS). The proposals – known as ‘backloading’ – would have pushed up the price of carbon, which had sunk to record lows. In fact, ahead […]

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Valuing the meat we eat

A new year and food issues are very much in the news again. During January, we’ve seen widespread coverage over concerns over traces of horsemeat found in supermarket burgers; elsewhere, a report by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers has highlighted again the amount – and cost – of food that is wasted. Running alongside these […]

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Bornean forest cleared for palm oil

WWF in the Heart of Borneo…

As a seasoned member of WWF’s press team, I often come across heart-wrenching stories and situations. But nothing prepared me for what I saw in Borneo this year. Borneo, in the South China Sea, is the world’s third largest island. It’s home to rare species like orang-utans, Asian elephants, Sumatran rhinos and clouded leopards – […]

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