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Framed photos at the Tiger Talk exhibition

The unsung heroes of tiger conservation

What makes a great event? Or maybe the question is really what makes a great party… recently I attended my dream party. What could be better than Mayfair as a location, true stories from anti-poaching rangers and vivid tiger photography from the field of conservation – all exhibited in the gallery reception rooms of the […]

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Sumatran forest elephant, Indonesia. © naturepl.com/ Nick Garbutt/ WWF-Canon.

Bridging the gap: Elephants, pineapples, and Prince William

What do you think about when you’re cleaning an elephant in a river? Maybe you’d be thinking about keeping your balance or hoping your elephant doesn’t decide to wade any deeper into the river. You probably wouldn’t think about standing in the same room as Prince William as he pledges to tackle the illegal wildlife […]

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Whales in the sea around Kaikoura, New Zealand

Catching a rare glimpse of whales in New Zealand’s Kaikoura

Kaikoura in the South Island of New Zealand, is famous for its whale and dolphin populations. Over the past few weeks it’s been in the spotlight for a different reason – oil exploration. After two months of backpacking and conservation work in New Zealand, throughout my travels I had heard that it is always worth […]

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