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Long-tailed Sylph © Diego M. Garces / WWF

The Living Colombia Report: a new tool for conservation in a megadiverse country

If you’re interested in conservation, you’ll also be interested in Colombia. The country has more species of birds and amphibians than any other; is the world’s most diverse country relative to its size, being home to over 9000 species found nowhere else in the world; and has habitats that vary from Andean glaciers to tropical […]

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Tikuna fishing village © WWF-UK

A fishy tale: Indigenous resource management in the Colombian Amazon

At the entrance to Lake Tarapoto in south eastern Colombia, we stepped on to a balsa -a floating house that rises and falls with the rhythms of the mighty Amazon river which feeds the lake. The balsa is a control point staffed today by three men of the Tikuna indigenous community from where they monitor […]

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Leticia, Amazonas, Colombia

A voice from the wilderness

Conservation is about power. More precisely it is about the governance of land and how different interests get a say on that governance. Important questions for any conservation initiative therefore relate to who exerts power, how they do it and, critically, if important voices are missing how they be brought to the table? Power, of […]

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Amazon river, Cuyabeno. © Camilo Ortega.

I haven’t been anywhere exciting lately- but I think I just helped save the Amazon

When you work in conservation, you find yourself using terms such as ‘stakeholder engagement’, ‘alliance building’, ‘networking’, and ‘negotiated trade-offs’ without much thought. They become part of your everyday lexicon. However, what all these phrases reveal – in their different ways – is that conservation is about bringing people and organisations together to find the […]

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The misty paramo

The grey friars of the Andean Páramo

The Franciscan Friar, Antonio de Marchena played a vital role in one of history’s greatest events- the ‘discovery’ of the Americas. The Spanish Monarchy was initially skeptical of Columbus’ idea to sail west, but the Friar’s intervention was crucial in getting royal approval and he even accompanied Columbus on at least one of the voyages […]

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Don Tulio and his cattle.

Inspiration in a muddy field – how biodiversity is helping Amazon farmers

Standing in a muddy field in the pouring rain is not the best starting point if you are searching for inspiration. Fortunately the enthusiasm and warmth of Don Tulio, owner of this and several other wet fields in the Sibundoy Valley of Southern Colombia, somehow cuts through the rain and lifts the spirits. Don Tulio […]

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