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Volcanic eruption in Indonesia

Geo-engineering – useful tool for tackling climate change, or dangerous distraction?

After several months of relative quiet there seems to be a flurry of activity in the UK climate conversation around ‘geo-engineering’. Most recently there was a piece in the Sunday Times that labels geo-engineering “a bad idea whose time has come”. For folks who haven’t been following this conversation, geo-engineering is an umbrella term for […]

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Plankton under the microscope

Biodiversity and people on the front line

Plankton in the North Atlantic are moving north at 23 kilometres a year. Just stop and think about that strange fact for a moment. Terrestrial species, scientists tell us, are moving at around 17 kilometres per decade, which is worrying. Faster moving marine species in the waters around the UK are moving at 50 kilometres per decade, which […]

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