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Are you sitting comfortably?

Import of furniture to the UK is a multi-billion pound business, so you’d think UK furniture retailers would have the good business sense to ensure the timber for their products is sustainably produced, wouldn’t you?  Are you sitting comfortably? I’ll introduce you to a story about this trade. In 2015, our first Timber Scorecard looked at whether UK businesses across different sectors were  […]

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© WWF / Simon Rawles forests

Will the axe fall on UK businesses timber supply?

In WWF’s Living Forests report series, we estimated that increasing global demand for wood for timber, paper and energy  could triple by 2050 as population rises and consumption increases. Without urgent and decisive action on the sustainable future of global forest resources, to ensure timber supply, the only way to meet this is by the continuing decimation of our life enhancing forests. […]

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FSC wood furniture © Katrin Havia / WWF-Finland

Is your new dining chair made of illegal wood?

There’s no chance that here in the UK, high street stores could sell you products made of illegally-sourced wood, right? If they did, they’d be brought to task, surely? That’s what was intended when the EU Timber Regulation came into force two years ago. At last legislation was in place to prevent illegally logged timber […]

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FSC General Assembly 2014, Seville – future for forests for all

Last week, I attended my first Forest Stewardship Council General Assembly. Its an assembly of the companies, environmental organisations, civil society groups, and individuals that make up the membership of FSC, and as such share the responsibility of setting the direction for FSC. We tackled issues critical to supporting people, nature, and business, as the […]

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Felled FSC trees

Panorama reaction: Cut it out! Stop illegal timber reaching EU before forests collapse

Thursday night’s Panorama documentary on BBC – ‘Jungle Outlaws: The Chainsaw Trail’ – set out to test the promise that the timber we buy in the UK is legally sourced. There are many challenging conditions in forest producer countries to be overcome to make sure that forest communities and habitats do not collapse because of […]

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Members of the Puerto Estrella community From the field

Celebrating great news from Peru

This month, after 15 years of anticipation, the Peruvian government has finally created Güeppí Sekime National Park and two communal reserves, Airo Pai and Huimeki. This is a massive conservation win – not just for WWF-Peru and the government department for protected areas (SERNANP), but for the Putumayo river basin and, most importantly, the 30 […]

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