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The forgotten creatures of the Mekong

Ungulates –  mammals with hooves – are a pretty varied bunch of creatures, encompassing everything from domestic cattle like pigs and goats, to wild and increasingly rare species like the Javan rhino and Mountain tapir. But the ungulates I’m talking about today are quite special, varying from dog-sized deer to antlered creatures so seldom seen […]

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Tiger tracking in Nepal

Bishnu Bahadur Lama was just 16 when he first started working in tiger conservation – 40 years later he is still in the field, making him Nepal’s finest tiger tracker… Bishnu is Chief Wildlife Technician at the National Trust for Nature (one of WWF-Nepal’s partners), and has recently been working with a team of 120 […]

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Spotlight on pandas

On 24 June, a giant panda gave birth to twins at a conservation centre in south-west China – thought to be the first pair born in the world this year. Just over a week later another panda was born at Taipei zoo in Taiwan. The media jumped on the story, asking all sorts of questions […]

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