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Simon Reeve © Andrew Carter World Sea Turtle Day

Why we need to protect our ancient mariners

To mark World Sea Turtle Day on 16 June,  TV presenter, bestselling author and WWF Ambassador, Simon Reeve gave us an exclusive interview on why he’s championing WWF’s work to protect sea turtles along the Kenyan coastline. Simon is supporting our work in Lamu, Kenya- home to half of all turtle nests on the Kenyan […]

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Simon Reeve © WWF-UK Audio blog

Simon Reeve: Tales of climate change from the road

BBC presenter and WWF Ambassador Simon Reeve has seen it all. He’s been to over 120 countries and is still travelling the world making programmes about our incredible planet. But climate change is affecting the amazing places that inspire so many of us – from the plains of Africa to the islands of the Indian […]

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An elephant’s tale

The longer scientists study elephants, the more we realise how special they are. These are creatures that live for around 65 years. Females teach younger elephants about the geography and food of their world, and how to raise young. Elephants display many of the emotions we associate with humans: for example, they love, play and […]

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