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Landscape of a dry, cracked soil in Ilha do Caju, state of Maranhão, Brazil. climate change

The Climate Prediction: hot and getting hotter; rain with floods

Climate change impacts everything, everywhere. It threatens to undo everything that conservation organizations like WWF have achieved over the last half-century. Both people and the natural world are feeling the effects, which are consequential and growing.  Extreme weather impacts fragile ecosystems that people depend on for food and their livelihoods. And the age of extreme […]

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David Cameron in the Arctic

Six years on – where are David Cameron’s climate change promises?

Many people remember David Cameron’s iconic trip to Svalbard in the Arctic in 2006. The image of Mr Cameron hugging a husky became the defining moment for the modern Conservative party and its new leader. At the time, I was lucky enough to lead WWF’s work in the Arctic, a beautiful and fragile place that […]

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Man checking solar cells

SEFA so good? ‘Sustainable energy for all’ gets closer – lots still to do

Heard of SEFA? The ‘Sustainable Energy For All’ initiative is the baby of UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon*. SEFA was launched this year to jumpstart urgent global action on the vital issue of sustainable energy – especially for the world’s poorer countries. The aim is to increase access to affordable, clean and reliable electricity (1.4 […]

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