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Thank you very much Inside Panda HQ

You make the difference…

All of the work we do – from airlifting endangered rhinos to saving the rainforest and the people that live there to defeating dirty coal – all of the work we do is because of you.

You fund the great work that’s being done, you campaign with us, and you inspire us.

So we all want to say thank you. Thank you for making WWF great.

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Joshua Long, who like tigers

The Panda Made Me… walk in pyjamas and slippers

Joshua Long has always loved tigers. He’s already adopted a tiger with WWF – but in August the 10 year old went the extra mile. He donned his pyjamas and tiger slippers to raise money to help protect tigers in the wild. Sasha, Joshua’s mum, said “[Joshua] was entirely responsible for raising the money and […]

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