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Exciting news for protecting freshwater over the next three years


This year marks the final stage of the five-year partnership between HSBC, WaterAid, Earthwatch and WWF. What’s true in nature is sometimes true here at WWF though, in that endings can herald new beginnings.

We’re incredibly excited to announce for World Water Day 2017 a three year extension of the HSBC Water Programme. Projects begun throughout the last five years will continue promoting healthy rivers, healthy businesses and healthy communities. And more people will be empowered to protect river ecosystems as we widen our ambition for the partnership.

Five years of the programme provide a blueprint and inspiration for what sustainable development looks like in five global river basins: People like Nancy Rono in Kenya, who has changed her farming practices to stop pollution in her local river. And Tara Devi in India, who has become an advocate for natural pesticides and fertilisers in her local community to reduce farming’s impact on the Ganges River.

Nancy Rono, a participant in the HSBC Water Programme in the Mara river basin

Tara Devi, a Mitra in the Ganga river basin, and a participant in the HSBC Water Programme

Nancy and Tara are just two of 1 billion people who live in the five river basins; their stories show the potential for the life-changing impact we can create for hundreds of thousands of people by protecting freshwater environments, including 180,000 people already empowered to reduce their water impact. That’s not to mention the environmental impact that protecting 1,800km of river and 527,000ha of wetlands has had as well.

Sustainable Development Goals

The programme has already been contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals, but now over the next three years these will form a core focus for the programme. We firmly believe that sustainable development is essential to long term prosperity and the ability for future generations to enjoy this beautiful, life-giving planet.

Today, World Water Day highlights the absolute centrality of fresh water to all life on the planet, and the importance of its sustainable management. What better time to celebrate the impact we’re having on freshwater environments around the world, and to look forward to what more we can achieve over the next three years.


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