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Green economy in action – renewables jobs and investment across the UK


We hear a lot about ‘green jobs’ but it can be hard to pin down what that actually means and how many there are.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has helpfully published this graphic which gives a snapshot of investment and jobs announced in the growing renewable energy sector from April last year to July this year, all shown here on one handy, easy-to-view map…

DECC presentation showing renewable energy investment and jobs created

Take a look at the full version, which has more information on which companies are investing and creating jobs in which areas.

When you see the list of companies looking to invest and create these jobs you notice they’re mostly not ones that are known for being green. They’re an array of manufacturers, energy companies, engineering firms and others that see the UK’s huge potential, particularly in offshore wind, and want to invest because it makes good business sense.

But to continue getting this investment and creating jobs, we need our government to make up its mind on what support it’s going to give the renewables sector in years to come.

That means an end to recent public disagreements on the future role of technologies like onshore and offshore wind turbines, and putting in place a strong Energy Bill, with the right policies in place to give investors the confidence they need.

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