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TRAFFIC drop in to talk about illegal wildlife trade


TRAFFIC – a joint programme of WWF and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature – is the only global organisation that focuses solely on monitoring and reducing the illegal wildlife trade. With poaching reaching crisis point – 1,004 rhinos killed by poachers in South Africa alone in 2013 and about 22, 000 African elephants killed in 2012 –  how can disaster be averted?

Ivory-Inferno-Gabon. Copyright: WWF-Canon / James MorganIvory-Inferno-Gabon. Copyright: WWF-Canon / James Morgan

We were delighted that Tom Milliken (Elephant and Rhino Programme leader for TRAFFIC International) and Naomi Doak ( Coordinator for TRAFFIC Southeast Asia, based in Vietnam) could join us at the Living Planet Centre to talk about how they believe the London Conference will help to combat the illegal wildlife trade in ivory and rhino horn and why there has been an increase in demand for such products recently.

Watch my interviews with both of them.

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