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Serving up an ace for tigers


Many would say that there is no link at all between tennis and tigers… Well I beg to differ.  Ahead of the semi final of the best grass tennis tournament in the world, The Championships at Wimbledon, WWF caught up with our resident Global Ambassador Andy Murray, and this time he brought a friend: Mr Kevin Spacey.

The two met on a predictably wet day on the courts to discuss the big  T… no, not tennis… not Tiger Tim… that’s right – tigers. Watch our video to find out how the discussions went.

An unlikely pairing, right? But two people from very different walks of life coming together for the same reason. Tiger text, text Tiger – who cares, it’s all the same and gets the same result. A well needed donation which can help to make a real difference. Text TIGER to 70123 today to give £5 for tigers*.

By 2010 wild tiger numbers had fallen to a dangerously low number of as few as 3,200. Work was immediately scaled up to address this issue. The good news is that currently there are close to 3,900 wild tigers in the world but we need to do more to double their numbers by 2022.

As top predators on our planet, tigers help to keep their habitat healthy by preying on other animals – mainly herbivores, such as deer. Without the tiger, there would be too many herbivores, which would overgraze and degrade habitat, and disrupt the balance of the ‘ecosystem’ – the living (animals and plants) and non-living (e.g. air and water) components of the environment.

For this reason the tiger is important for the well-being of people – who depend on healthy ecosystems for food, water and many other resources – and for the survival of other wildlife, which relies on balanced ecosystems.

Bengal tigresses snarling, about to fight over territory, Rajasthan, India © naturepl.com / Anup Shah, WWF-UKBengal tigresses snarling, about to fight over territory, Rajasthan, India © naturepl.com / Anup Shah, WWF-UK

By helping to protect the tiger, we’re helping to conserve its habitat for the benefit of both people and nature.

We can’t just sit and watch this beautiful majestic species disappear from our sight forever. We must come together and turn this round, and we can if we unite on this.

Let’s think about doubling up here

It could be easy… Andy plus Kevin = double the reach. You and a friend donating makes double the donation. Make two cakes and do a cake sale and make double the money to donate to tigers. Raise money in your office and ask your company to match it. It can be done.

The crowds will be going wild for Andy… Let’s not serve a double fault for tigers, but in turn double their numbers.

Join the global goal to #DoubleTigers

*Text donate T*Cs:
You will be charged £5, plus one message at your standard network rate. WWF will receive 100% of your £5. If you wish to discuss this mobile payment call 02032827863. Registered charity number 1081247. We will contact you by phone and SMS to tell you more about our work and how you can be part of it. If you do not wish to be contacted, text NOCOMMS WWF to 70060. Full T&Cs at wwf.org.uk/textterms

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