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All eyes on London in the fight against illegal wildlife trade


On 12 and 13 February the London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade will seek to inject a new level of political momentum into global efforts to tackle the illegal wildlife trade. I’ve been working alongside colleagues from TRAFFIC (the joint wildlife trade programme of WWF and the International Union for Conservation of Nature – IUCN) to provide expert input into the preparations for the Conference.  Heads of Government and Foreign Ministers from around 50 countries – including those at the centre of the current rhino, tiger and elephant poaching crises – are anticipated to attend.

Seized poacher's weapons and poached ivorySeized poacher’s weapons and poached ivory

The conference is convened by the UK Government under Prime Minister David Cameron and will be attended by HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH The Duke of Cambridge.

We hope the conference will produce a declaration of strong political commitment to ensure a coordinated global response – as well as necessary resources – to turn the tide on illegal wildlife trade through the following areas:

  • Improving law enforcement and the role of the criminal justice system
  • Reducing demand for illegal wildlife products
  • Supporting the development of sustainable livelihoods.

Given I’ve been working so intensively on this issue, I thought it would be useful for our blog community if I did a question and answer video with this blog, about the illegal wildlife trade and the conference.

We need your support in tackling the illegal wildlife trade, so here’s what you can do to help:

Tweet and spread the word – #endwildlifecrime

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What are your views on the illegal wildlife trade? We’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment on Heather’s blog.

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