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Behind the scenes at Heathrow with Deborah Meaden

  • Deborah Meaden holding illegal tiger skin seized at Heathrow airport

    Grant Miller and Deborah Meaden with tiger skin seized by the UK Border Force. Products like this are just some of the many illegal items that are smuggled into this country. © WWF-UK / James Morgan

  • Deborah Meaden with sniffer dog at Heathrow airport

    Deborah Meaden and Tyke the sniffer dog; Tyke is a crucial part of making sure that illegal wildlife products don't make it into the UK. © WWF-UK / James Morgan

  • Deborah Meaden with Senior Border Officers.

    Deborah Meaden with Senior Border Officers at Heathrow Airport together with illegal rhino horn © WWF-UK / James Morgan

  • Security guard holding illegal rhino horn seized at Heathrow airport

    A seized rhino horn; this was thought to be on it's way, via Heathrow, to countries that have a high demand for horn as a hangover cure. © WWF-UK / James Morgan

  • Deborah Meaden holding illegal ivory that was seized at Heathrow airport.

    The UK Border Force make regular seizures of ivory and ivory products in ports, airports and postal hubs around the UK. © WWF-UK / James Morgan

  • Illegal ivory products seized at Heathrow airport

    One of many ivory carvings tourists bring back from their travels © WWF-UK / James Morgan

  • Snake skin boots illegal wildlife product seized at Heathrow airport

    Many seizures involve ivory ‘in transit’ to the Far East, being shipped from Africa via Heathrow... © WWF-UK / James Morgan

  • ...and these items are not always what you’d expect. © WWF-UK / James Morgan

  • Illegal carved ivory seized the Border Force. © WWF-UK / James Morgan

Dragon’s Den investor and WWF Ambassador Deborah Meaden is on a mission – a mission to raise awareness about the illegal trade of wildlife. She recently visited the UK Border Force to see the sheer quantity of illegal wildlife products that are being seized here in the UK.

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