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Can you knit a Panda?


It’s that time of year again when I simply just want to stay in the warm! When I have to venture out though, I make sure I’m adequately wrapped up against the elements – with my big coat buttoned up, my cozy gloves on my hands, and my home knitted scarf wrapped around my neck. Unfortunately for some people who may not be able to venture outside that much, staying in doesn’t necessarily mean keeping warm.

1 in 5 people in the UK live in homes that are unhealthily cold because they simply cannot afford to heat them.

A house covered in snowA house covered in snow

One of the answers to this problem is to make all our homes as energy efficient as possible and we have campaigned for many years to encourage the Government to help make this happen. Energy efficient homes are not only good for people but also for the planet because more efficient homes means less carbon gets sent into the atmosphere helping us to tackle climate change.

We’ve joined with over 100 organisations to take part in the Energy Bill Revolution campaign. This campaign calls on the Government to use the money it raises from carbon taxes to insulate people’s homes, starting with those who really are struggling to keep warm this winter.

This is a great campaign that really could make a difference to many people in the UK – but we need your help. We want to send a strong message to Government that we are serious about energy efficiency and keeping people warm. We want to make this campaign something they cannot continue to ignore, so we are suggesting an action that is slightly different to the norm.

We would like you to get knitting! Yes, that’s right we want you to knit a scarf and send it to us at the Energy Bill Revolution so we can pass them along to every single MP with a clear message to support this campaign.

A person in a panda costume knitting A person in a panda costume knitting

You can knit any type of scarf you like but the more creative and WWF-like it is, the better. Why not try knitting a panda or tiger scarf? There are lots of free knitting patterns online but if you find a particularly good one please do share it with us by leaving a comment on this blog. Also we would like to see your creations so we can share them on our social media channels to inspire others so do a “selfie” in a scarf and send it to us.

We need to send all the scarves we receive to MP’s between 3 – 7 February so there is no time to lose. We hope you will join us for this special and important campaign. Why not let us know via twitter and Facebook?

All scarves should be sent to our friends at the Energy Bill Revolution, 47 Great Guildford Street, London, SE1 0ES. It would be great if you could include the name of your MP with a personal message to them to support the campaign.

Why not learn more about our work on energy and climate change

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