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Come and Wear It Wild with me


Caring for nature and wildlife has been something that I have been passionate about since I was a little girl. No matter where I went, I was always happiest in the garden studying the bugs and animals, helping any out that were in need and I’m still that way today. I’ve done my fair share of charity work, helping abandoned and sick animals and it really makes me happy to know that I’m doing something great and making a difference.

Unfortunately 52% of the worlds wildlife population has declined since 1970 and that’s over half in just 45 years. It’s such a worry to know that it’s decreasing at such an alarming rate and it’s a worry for the future, but you don’t have to sit back and watch it happen.

Wear It Wild is a great campaign to help raise money for the cause. All you have to do is on the 5 June dress up as your favourite wild animal, whether that’s a tiger, a snow leopard, a flamingo, a gorilla etc and show your support.

Fashion blogger Lorna Burford in her Wear It Wild leopard outfit © Lorna BurfordFashion blogger Lorna Burford in her Wear It Wild leopard outfit © Lorna Burford

The outfit

As you can see, I have chosen to dress like a leopard as big cats (and small) are a huge passion of mine. I think they are absolutely gorgeous. It’s so easy to do, so even if you can’t go out and buy an outfit, you can create one from some pieces in your wardrobe, just like I did! I chose a pair of brown jeans which I already had, but you can also use black or brown leggings which I’m sure many of you have, which I then paired with a leopard print top. I know a lot of ladies have leopard print tops or shirts lying around as it’s a popular print, but if you don’t, you can easily paint some spots onto a t-shirt or borrow from a friend! I had some cat ears left over from a Halloween outfit so I used those, but again, these can easily be created by sticking painted cardboard triangles onto a headband. If you want to go for a tail, why not use someone’s tie as an inventive take on it? And I used some eyeliner to create my black nose and whiskers!

The accessories

For the accessories, I was lucky enough to have a leopard print bag in my wardrobe, but again, you can borrow one or paint spots onto one you want to change up. Anything leopard print will work in creating a look like this and it’s easy to go subtle by just wearing one item, or you can go all out and wear an entire leopard head to foot look with sunglasses, jewellery, shoes and more, or even wear an animal onesie!

Lorna's tips for a Wear It Wild outfit © Lorna BurfordLorna’s tips for a Wear It Wild outfit © Lorna Burford

Dont forget…

The important thing is the taking part and donating to the campaign, so please make sure you text WILD to 70060 to donate £5 and help secure the future for these animals. It’s fun to take part and have fun with it, I definitely did! Check out my Wear It Wild fun video.

Learn more about Lorna Burford and her website Raindrops of Sapphire

What are you doing for Wear It Wild on 5 June? We’d love to read your comments.

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