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Freshwater in focus – 2012 TVE biomovies competition


Want to make a film about water? Something fresh or insightful, that gets across the importance of water to everything and everyone on our planet? For this year’s TVE biomovies competition, which is open to environmental film-makers all over the world, WWF is promoting the ‘Freshwater in focus’ category. Closing date for your ideas (you don’t need to make the actual film yet) is 5 September, so get thinking…

We’re focusing on freshwater for the 2012 TVE biomovies competition because freshwater is literally the lifeblood of our planet. The rivers and lakes that flow across our countries are the veins that keep our environment going, delivering the water we drink, growing the food we eat – and much, much more.

But many of the world’s rivers are dying, suffering because they’re being sucked dry by overuse. The demand for water is overtaking its availability – and everyone is paying the cost. Almost 2.7 billion people live in areas that suffer serious water scarcity at least one month a year. And as you’ll know if you keep up with our Living Planet Reports, the number of freshwater species on the planet has decreased by over a third since the 1970s.

That’s why we work on water projects all over the world – from unique chalk streams in England to the Rio Conchos in Mexico to the Mekong river in Cambodia – and on water-focused events like the Blue Mile. And now you can help us spread the word about why rivers, lakes and waterways are so vital, for people and for nature, with your own TVE biomovie

Of course your film doesn’t have to be about water – that’s just our suggestion. You can choose any of the five categories that inspires you:

Think up your idea – watery or otherwise – and submit it by 5 September on the TVE biomovies website.

The judges will then choose the best ideas – 10 finalists will be awarded US$300 to help them turn their ideas into reality. Once the films have been made, they’re added to YouTube. The video in each category with the most views wins!

To inspire you, here are some of the entries from last year’s TVE biomovies competition:

The rest can be seen on TVE’s YouTube channel.

Remember, the deadline for entering your film idea for the TVE biomovies competition is the 5 September. There will be more from me on the blog about this, so check back soon.

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