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Help your local councils help forests – your voice really counts


WWF’s local authority timber pledge campaign is really galvanising interest among councils up and down the UK!

As we speak, 82 local authorities have made over 108 pledges between them, and I’m in contact with many more who expect to pledge before the campaign ends.

Amazon forest from the airThis is what the FSC protect – the world’s most pristine forests. © Greg Armfield / WWF-UK

Take a look at the list of who has pledged so far – and see if your local council has made a commitment to buy sustainable timber, helping protect the world’s forests and the wildlife and people that depend on them.

The fact is, a lot of the success has been down to you. Several councils who’ve recently pledged have told us that the deciding factor was the sheer volume of emails sent by WWF supporters, asking them to make sure their procurement of wood and paper products supports responsible forest management. So thank you!

And it’s not just our wonderful supporters who have been lobbying local authorities. A number of our ambassadors and celebrities, such as Graeme Le Saux and Cardiff FC captain Mark Hudson, have all been writing to the editor of their local newspapers, or indeed writing to their council leader directly asking them to have a positive impact on the worlds’ forests.

Graeme tells us: “I sent a letter to my council leader in Surrey asking him to make the pledge. I did so because I really care about the world’s most pristine forests and the wonderful creatures like the orang-utan, whose survival depends on forests. Following my emails my council has now made the pledge… and they went gold! It shows that my voice does count. You can make your voice count too.”

I’m just about to embark on a trip to Scotland to assist some of the councils there who are working towards implementing their gold timber pledges. Scotland is leading the way when it comes to the pledges – 23 out of the 32 councils in Scotland have now made a pledge, with Aberdeen and Dundee city councils being the most recent.

Thank you again for all your support and emails to councils – it really does make a massive difference.

I’ll report back soon, hopefully with more good news to tell you all!

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